Apache District Boy Scout Leader of the Year

Awarded to registered Scouters who have performed above and beyond what is expected of a Leader at the unit level in helping to provide a quality program for Boy Scouts.


Mitch Cox - Troop 8 with Stuart Tucker

 Recipients of the Apache District Boy Scout Leader of the Year Award
2014 Gene Gazda of Troop 165 - 3rd from left
2013 Ed Sander IV - Scoutmaster of Troop 34
2012 Gary Swanson - Scoutmaster of Troop 355
2011 Courtney Miller - Scoutmaster of Troop 3
2010 Charlie Chirchirillo of Troop 9
2009 Margaret Melando of Troop 174
2008 Michael Dudick
2007 Mark Spisak of Troop 8
2006 John Lee of Troop 1
2005 Kris Knudsen
2004 Joe Lane of Troop 502


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