Apache District God Send Award

In each of our units we have an individual who is always willing to help the unit no matter what. When a job needs done that person is always ready, willing and able to help get it done. This person is a workhorse that can be counted on all the time and they do it for the Scouts (not themselves). That person is a God Send to their unit. This is one way to honor and thank that person who does so much for a Unit. Letting them know how valuable their work for the Scouts in that Unit is. The award is a nametag showing the following information:

BSA fleur de lis  Apache God Send Award - 2015
 Recipient's Name
 Unit Type and Number (Pack 123)

God Send Award Recipients for 2011

Unit Name Unit Name
Crew 236  Scott Marker    
District Joe Garden District George McBain
Pack 1 Jeff Williams-Tracy Pack 3 Pete Whiting
Pack 7 Stephen Nelson Pack 9 Tim Shalosky
Pack 62 Adrian Felder Pack 99 Jason Flowers
Pack 119 Scott Nowokunski Pack 167 Jesica Greek
Pack 174 Laura Gallagher Pack 265 Stacey Fulton
Pack 288 Michael Tuggle Pack 315 Jeneen Berry
Pack 355 Jo Linda Boelkins Pack 613 Joanne White
Troop 1 Jon Wood Troop 7 Karen Pollock
Troop 8 Raleigh Rossow Troop 9 Greg Beyer
Troop 99 Frank Deal Troop 112 Terri Mills
Troop 119 Ken Lesser Troop 162 Bernie Funck
Troop 165 Scott Fleming Troop 167 Tommy Anderson
Troop 174 Teresa Burger Troop 288 Barbara Daly
Troop 315 Lorin DeMordaunt    
God Send Award Recipients for 2010
Unit Name Unit Name
Crew   District Del Whittaker
Pack 7 Myles Henderson Pack 8 Karen Sheldon
Pack 9 Miriam Olynick Pack 45 Chris Yungbluth
Pack 62 Nelson English Pack 112 Kathy Trotter
Pack 119 Kelly Nowokunski Pack 137 Bobbi Hague
Pack 167 Michael Carey Pack 288 Tianne Ugalde
Troop 1 Wil Bosbyshell Troop 4 Charles Oliphant
Troop 7 Janice White Troop 8 Chad Gantt
Troop 9 Tim Winiger Troop 11 Chuck Talmadge
Troop 54 Tom Frick Troop 55 Bill Lander
Troop 116 David Buie Troop 119 Frank White
Troop 165 Robert Liberty Troop 167 Patricia Guin
Troop 288 Suzanne Bahr Troop 315 Fred Holmes
God Send Award Recipients for 2009
Unit Name Unit Name
Crew 174 Sophie Percival District John McLean
Pack 7 Brady Drummond-Ryan Pack 8 Tim Rademacher
Pack 9 Donna Allson Pack 11 Mark Routh
Pack 45 Christopher Gamble Pack 62 Wesley Fisher
Pack 79 Jim Rowan Pack 119 Bobby Dewrell
Pack 167 Carmen Lyons Pack 174 Al Nedrich
Pack 502 Kathleen Robinson Troop 1 Reed Paden
Troop 7 Chuck Hedman Troop 9 David Overman
Troop 11 Sandy Ward Troop 79 Herb Dixon
Troop 112 Paul Bradley Troop 116 Jim Pierpoint
Troop 119 Tom Finke Troop 165 Steve Bendl
Troop 167 Kennedy Robinson Troop 174 David Edwards
Troop 236 Steve LeRoy    
God Send Award Recipients for 2008
Unit Name Unit Name
Crew 174 Mark Thompson District Mike Miles
Pack 7 David Murray Pack 45 Loren Chavis-Waldrop
Pack 62 Carla Williams Pack 79 Michelle Hays
Pack 119 Jim Suppa Pack 167 Tommy Anderson
Pack 265 Eric Nunez Troop 1 Kim Cates
Troop 7 Larry Parker Troop 8 Ellen Kazura
Troop 9 Ed Sikes Troop 11 Bob Branan
Troop 79 David Elsasser Troop 112 David Tucker
Troop 116 Jack Gustafson Troop 119 Gary Rawls
Troop 165 Darrell Thompson Troop 167 John Sciabarrasi
Troop 256 Van Litaker Troop 315 Ray Webb
Troop 355 Scott Lawing    
God Send Award Recipients for 2007
Unit Name Unit Name
Crew 174 Jack Hagopian District  
Pack 7 Dina Babb Pack 8 Craig White
Pack 11 Chap Moore Pack 17 Jeanne Butler
Pack 45 Rob Stanfield Pack 79 Allen Hull
Pack 116 Shirley de la Canal Pack 119 Larry Unferth
Pack 167 Lee Williams Pack 174 Teresa Burger
Pack 265 Bill Sample Pack 502 Ida McAllister
Troop 1 Frank Alexander Troop 7 Mike Parker
Troop 8 Richard Bouchard Troop 9 Nury Steuerwald
Troop 11 Ben House Troop 79 Jim Partington
Troop 80 Randy Hill Troop 112 Jim Hudson
Troop 116 Jack Wooll Troop 119 Steve Stevenson
Troop 165 John Froeb Troop 167 Rhonda Hedger
Troop 174 Alan Scarisbrick Troop 355 Gary Swanson
Troop 502 Bob MacLaren    
God Send Award Recipients for 2006
Unit Name Unit Name
Crew   District  
Pack 3 Ed Payton Pack 7 Mike Babb
Pack 8 Ed Waverka Pack 9 Charlie Chirchirillo
Pack 45 Charlie Bricker Pack 56 Spring Earley
Pack 79 Chris Carmack Pack 167 Carrie Eckert
Pack 502 Bill Walters Troop 1 John Lee
Troop 7 Dick Parks Troop 8 Rob Hanckel
Troop 56 Steve Earley Troop 79 Pete Stack
Troop 80 Bill Grogan Troop 165 Bob Mohr
Troop 167 Darin Reynolds Troop 174 Tony Lopez
Troop 256 Van Litaker    

How To Give the God Send Award

As a Unit Leader you only need to do two things to give this award to that special person in your unit.

  1. Give that person's name and unit number to John Bittinger before November 13th.
  2. The award will be presented at the District Annual Award Banquet on December 10, 2015.  A member of the unit MUST be present to receive/present this God Send recognition and it is encouraged that the person receiving the award is also present at the Banquet.

E-mail or Call: John Bittinger, 704-342--9336 (w)

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