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TOP CLOUDS: 6-1-15


June 6th marks the 71st anniversary of the allied landing on the beaches of Normandy. Over 150,000 troops were involved in operation Overload. This was the beginning of the end of WWII in Europe.

Over 9,300 men and women are buried in the American Cemetery. They were so young, and they gave so much.

Let us not forget them.

Each year, French school children take the name of one of the buried. They learn as much as they can about the soldier or sailor, and then on the anniversary of D-Day, place flowers on the grave.

So every grave is decorated at least once a year as a way of teaching French children to remember.

What a history lesson; what a way to honor our fallen.


NEW To Keep Myself Physically Strong
Of the 3 duties of a Scout, one of those encompasses 3 duties of the Scout to himself or herself: to keep myself physically strong ,mentally awake, and morally straight. If you play a team sport, whether at school, on a club team, or in a church league, the physically strong obligation is often inherently met through training and competition. For many of us, fitness is not so easy. Here are two websites which give information on training: and

The Department of Defense site has options for a number of training videos to teach correct form with weights and gym equipment. Some videos like Fit for Duty: Operation Breaking Barriers on page 4/10 show workouts that you can do at home without equipment.

The 100 Pushups program is among several which outline a 6 week program for training for 100 push-ups, 200 lunges, 200 situps, 200 squats, 150 dips, and 25 pullups.

For any fitness program, please make sure you have medical clearance from your doctor.


NEW Membership Committee Update
We are here to help your Pack succeed! Recruiting & retention of Scouts is our constant focus.

Make sure you attend Roundtable on AUGUST 13 to pick up your brand new recruiting materials (we are developing a whole new look!) and to sign up for which schools you would like to recruit in this year.

Remember, in order to recruit adults and Scouts, a Unit must know what it will cost; know who will lead it; know what the schedule will be; and ASK people to join! This is the time of year to ensure you have the right adults in place to manage your Unit and begin preparing for the next school year.

Your Apache Membership contact is Traci Scott at


Places to visit
We have some wonderful places to visit in North Carolina, but less than five hours away is the National D Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia. There is an admission fee, but call in advance and ask about group rates and guided tours.

About 90 minutes east of the D Day Memorial is the Appomattox Courthouse National Historical Park This is where General Lee surrendered to General Grant. During the 150th Anniversary activities, Smoke Signals recently met some scouts from Troop 375, Central Piedmont Council. They were having a great time and camped at nearby Holiday Lake State Park; a real paradise.


New Be Weather Smart! Be Prepared!

It’s not too early to be weather smart and to train your scouts and families. Tornadoes, floods, severe afternoon thunderstorms, and the Atlantic Hurricane season, which begins June 1st. it is important that all of us scouts, scouters, and parents be mindful of changing weather patterns in our area. Does your family have a severe weather plan and/or evacuation plan in case of emergencies? History has taught us that we are not immune to these types of storms even if we are inland. BSA, the state of North Carolina, and FEMA all have excellent resources available to us on hazardous weather training. Please visit:,, and



New Scouting Wire has arrived.

An official BSA one-stop spot for Scouting news and updates for employees and volunteers. This resource is designed to help you support the BSA as we work together to mold future leaders. And, true to Scouting’s last century of programs and resources, this hub is focused on providing educational information in a fun and inviting format. is your home base for the tools and information you need to be successful in serving youth. Bookmark the site and explore the content tailored to your specialized role in the BSA. Find topics you’re most interested in and filter your results by program or organizational level.




Eagle Scout Recognition in the Charlotte Observer
The Council Advancement Committee and the Council Marketing Committee are pleased to announce that a partnership was recently established with the Charlotte Observer.

Each and every one of our new Eagle Scouts can now be featured in the “Neighborhood” section of the Charlotte Observer. The process is very easy thanks to a new on-line form that the new Eagle Scout completes after his Eagle Board of Review – takes less than 5 minutes. The information will go directly to the Observer who will feature a picture of the Scout with details on his unit, chartering organization, etc. – as well as an overview of his project, and what has been the biggest impact of Scouting for him. Check out the Advancement page of the MCC web site for more details and the link to the form. Please encourage all new Eagle Scouts to complete the form so he can highlight all the great things that Scouting provides – for him, his fellow Scouts and our community!

The Eagle Scout Board of Review committee members are to look for this information in the Eagle Scout packet that is brought to Eagle Board of Review. The review committee is to encourage the Scout to use it to receive his proper recognition.


New Program for Summer Camp
The Mecklenburg County Council and Camp Grimes are pleased to make available in 2015, a program that has been exclusively designed for us -- The Summit Trek. The Summit Bechtel Reserve is the BSA’s newest national Scout reserve located in Southern West Virginia. The Summit opened in 2013 by hosting over 40,000 participants and visitors at its inaugural National Scout Jamboree. Beginning in 2014, The Summit began operating summer seasonal programs that include high adventure, Scout Camp and training programs. This new program gives Camp Grimes Scouts and Venturers the opportunity to spend several days at the Bechtel Summit enjoying world class adventure venues. Your Summit Trek includes meals, roundtrip transportation to the Bechtel Summit, and Scott Summit Center programming (including required equipment). A tent and cot will be provided for you while at the Summit. Beginning Monday evening, you have full access to the Scott Summit Center activity venues. In the evenings, Summit Center becomes the hub of all Summit activities as all Summit program participants from the Paul R. Christen National High Adventure Base, James C. Justice National Scout Camp and special programs, like the Camp Grimes Summit Trek, mingle and enjoy the Summit Center venues. On Friday morning, we will return to Camp Grimes and you will spend the rest of the day with your home troop. COST: $500 per youth or adult (must be at least 13 years old to participate). For more details about the venues, see the flyer at . Contact Alan Keiger at with questions.


NC Transportation Museum Merit Badge Programs

The North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC has posted their Aviation and Railroading Merit Badge programs for 2015. 


Boy Scout Rail Camp featuring an opportunity for Scouts to work on Railroading Merit Badge will be held Friday-Saturday-Sunday, November 13-14-15, 2015. For more information, see


For both events, the following guidelines apply:

1. Scouts must pre-register.

2. Scouts must attend as part of a patrol or troop group, with 2 adult leaders present at all times.

3. The merit badge courses are supervised under the direction of an adult Scout leader registered with the Boy Scouts of America as a merit badge counselor and will be current on BSA Youth Protection at the time the courses are held.

4. Each patrol or troop attending will be responsible for verifying the Scouts participation and knowledge of the subject matter and signing off the blue cards indicating completion of the merit badge. Merit badge course staff will not be signing off on completed merit badges.


Urgent need for potential Eagle Projects

President James K. Polk Historic Site

With the renovation of the museum completed, now is a great opportunity to complete an Eagle Project at the birthplace of the 11th President of the United States. There are several projects that need to be done. For further details, please contact Robert Dreher (704) 889-7145. The site is located at

12031 Lancaster Hwy, Pineville, NC 28134.

Hemby Center-Siskey YMCA

The Siskey YMCA’s Hemby Program Center, located off Kuykendahl Road in south Charlotte has an urgent need to have Eagle Projects completed. The Hemby Program Center is located at 9760 Happy Valley Drive in Charlotte. It is a 21-acre site housing a Preschool, Afterschool Program and Eagle Rock Day Camp.

Looking for potential Eagle Service Projects? Check out this brand new one to help senior citizens and persons with disabilities, read more at “Around the Campfire”




Two of Apache’s own awarded the Silver Beaver

Congratulations to District Advancement Chairman Craig Gross, and Council Vice President for Membership Ken May on being awarded the Silver Beaver. This award is well deserved by two of Apache’s own very hard working, very dedicated scouters.

Apache District Day Camp 2015

The theme for Apache District Day Camp 2015 is Cub Scout Carnival! The dates for camp will be June 22-26, 2015 and will be held at Belk Scout Camp.

Apache Day Camp Registration is now available! You can find information about camp - along with Day Camp Downloads such as the 2015 Apache District Day Camp flyer (pdf) and links to the required health forms - for your Packs on the Apache district day camp webpage here:

You can access the registration page on the website or directly through this link:

Apache Day Camp Registration

Please ask your Cubmaster or Pack Coordinator for Day Camp for your Pack’s registration password.

The lead position is filled for the following program areas however, assistant positions (18-years old or older) are needed:

Climbing Tower



Please contact Day Camp Director, Monica Zeleznik at or indicate your interest when you register on-line for camp.

If you have any program related questions, you may contact Camp Program Director Michael Carey at


Unit Service Projects
Is your unit looking for a service project? Here are some ideas:

(1) ask your Charter Organization. This is a great time for spring-cleaning and gardening; many organizations could use a little help.

(2) Belk Scout Camp - Contact Ranger Mike Cook (704) 848-0958 Spend a day or spend a weekend, there are plenty of service projects for packs and troops at Belk.

(3) Mecklenburg Scout Reservation (Camp Grimes) Contact Ranger Chris Williams (828) 652-8592

(4) James K. Polk Historic Site, located in Pineville. Contact Scott Warren or Robert Dreher at (704) 889-7145.



NEW Reminder: Cub Scout Advancement: New Methods, New Materials

The new adventure-based Cub Scout program will soon be here! Youth handbooks and Den Leader Guides will be available for purchase in Scout shops and online starting May 1, and the new program begins June 1.


The basic unit of advancement in the new materials is an “adventure.” The name was deliberately chosen to emphasize the nature of the advancement process and the delivery of the program as active, fun-filled, and boy-centered. There are more than 80 adventures awaiting the current and future generations of Cub Scouts: fun adventures designed to provide what a boy wants and needs. They cover a wide range of topics that encourage growth in fields such as duty to God, STEM, personal fitness and sports, and opportunities in the outdoors.


Seven adventures are required for advancement at each rank from Tiger through Arrow of Light. As these are completed, Cub Scouts are recognized with an award specific to the each adventure. The chart below shows how the seven required adventures break down between those that are elective, and those that must be earned.

          Required       Elective          Recognition

Rank       Adventures      Adventures          Device     

Tiger                                        6                                  1          Adventure Loops

Wolf                                         6                                  1          Adventure Loops

Bear                                        6                                  1          Adventure Loops

Webelos                                  5                                  2          Adventure Pins

Arrow of Light                         4                                  3          Adventure Pins


There are 19 adventures available for boys earning the Tiger, Wolf, and Bear ranks. Each takes approximately one month to earn, so boys will be recognized regularly for their advancement. Multi-colored belt loops are used to represent required adventures and monochrome loops represent elective adventures. The new program provides more than enough material for an entire year of fun, energetic, and Cub Scout-centered adventure.

Boys earning Webelos and Arrow of Light ranks are recognized with adventure pins that may be worn on the Webelos colors or on the front of the Webelos cap. Different shapes—diamonds for required Webelos adventures, arrowheads for required Arrow of Light adventures, and ovals for electives—add interest and help the boys chart their progress.

For a closer look at the background of the program changes, as well as brief descriptions, rationales, and requirements, visit


Transition to Cub Scout Adventure Program

Transition to the new program will be a simple matter. At the end of the current program year, which for most dens is the close of the school year, boys will begin using the new materials. For example, a boy who earns his Tiger rank in the current program will begin using the new Wolf requirements on June 1, 2015.


Boys who earn their Webelos rank prior to June 1, 2015 will have two options to earn the Arrow of Light rank:


• Continue to use the current program materials and complete the requirements for the Arrow of Light as described in their current handbook. If desired, they also may also earn any of the new re-quired or elective Webelos and Arrow of Light adventures in addition to the current offering of activity badges.

• Elect to use the new adventure program to earn the Arrow of Light rank. They must earn the four required adventures, but there are some options for the three elective adventures: They may use any activity badges that were not used to fulfill the Webelos badge requirements, or they may choose from any of the remaining adventures available—including those required for the Webelos rank.



Key Apache District Dates: 

Adult Leader Roundtables

All adult leaders should attend Roundtable at Providence United Methodist Church starting at 7:30pm on the following dates: June 11, NO JULY MEETING, August 13, September 10, October 8, November 12 with our Annual District Banquet on December 10. Contact Karl Johnson, our NEW District Roundtable Commissioner, if you have any questions or have an agenda item at


Apache Web Site Helps:

Click here to view more resources and news




Beaver Weekend was a great success with 106 Arrowmen going through ceremies of Ordeal and Brotherhood.

Reminder – June Ordeal is this weekend   The LAST Ordeal weekend for 2015 is August21-23 @ Belk Scout Camp.  If you were elected this year, you must attend the August event or go through your Troop election process next year.  Please refer to the Lodge website @ for more information.

Please join us for our next Chapter meeting @ the Apache District Roundtable meeting – June 11th @ 7:30 pm.


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