Etowah District Boy Scout Camporee

  2014 Etowah District Camporee


October 17-18-19, 2014

Belk Scout Camp

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Registration closes end of business today, Wednesday, Oct 15th.

(online by 8pm)

The fee is $15/participant due in person at MCC or online. 

No registrations can be accepted after Wednesday, October 15th

due to event planning requirements.


More info can be found among the document links below,

including the Camporee Leader Guide.



We are excited to have four Challenge Track patrols and almost 30 Camporee

patrols participating this weekend's competition.  

Saturday event participation is going to be a "blast"  ! 

  "Restaurants at the End of the Universe"  Cook-Off

  "Pirates of the Cove" cardboard ship challenge

  "To Infinity & Beyond" zip-line challenge


 Other exhibitions scheduled include the Charlotte Astronomy Club and the

Charlotte Rocketry Club (weather permitting), & Jamboree On The Air

(in association with the ARRL.)


Questions?   You can e-mail

Visit our Facebook page,

Find us on Twitter @etowahcamporee    



Thank you for your time and commitment to Scouting.


In Service,


John Silvestri

2014 Etowah District Camporee Chief


Christopher Cannon 

2014 Etowah District Camporee Assistant Scoutmaster - Challenge Track


PDF Information - Updated 09/28/2014



2014 Etowah Camporee -

Space Pirates Scouters Guide v.3  updated 09/28



Scouters Guide Appendix A -

Gear List for Patrols and Scouts v.2  updated 09/28




Scouters Guide Appendix B - 

Camporee Registration Form




Scouters Guide Appendix C -

Patrol - Crew Name - Rank Roster



PDF Information


Coming Sept. 9


Register online.

Pay in person at the MCC office before October

10th or pay online ($0.50/participant extra.)





Patrol Check-In Inspection Sheet





Challenge Track Check-In Inspection Sheet


Campsite Inspection v.2  updated 09/28