Etowah District Boy Scout Camporee


2014 Etowah District Camporee


 October 17-18-19, 2014

 Belk Scout Camp

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Greetings Etowah Troop and Venture Leaders!

Registration is open and the linked Space Pirate's Guide to the Universe for Camporee 2014 is online!

There will be the traditional Camporee Events and the "Challenge Track" for seasoned Scout patrols and Venture Crews.

In addition to the basic Camporee competition events, special events on Saturday will include ....

  "Restaurants at the End of the Universe"  Cook-Off
  "Pirates of the Cove" Cardboard Ship Challenge
  "To Infinity & Beyond" Zip-line Challenge

and exhibitions from Charlotte Astronomy Club & Charlotte Rocketry Club (weather permitting), & Jamboree On The Air (in association with the ARRL.)


We are still in need of several host units to run Competition Events and we still need Troops to RSVP with your unit's estimated Scout attendance numbers by clicking here and respond today.

The fee will be just $10 per participant....and, of course, includes a Camporee patch.

Online registration will be available for a small convenience fee of $0.50/participant.

Questions?   You can e-mail
or visit our Facebook page,

Thank you for your time and commitment to Scouting.

In Service,

John Silvestri
2014 Etowah District Camporee Chief
Christopher Cannon
 2014 Etowah District Camporee Assistant Scoutmaster - Challenge Track



PDF Information


2014 Etowah Camporee -

Space Pirates Scouters Guide



Scouters Guide Appendix A -

Gear List for Patrols and Scouts



Scouters Guide Appendix B -

Camporee Registration Form



Scouters Guide Appendix C -

Patrol - Crew Name - Rank Roster





Coming September 03


Registration and payments will be

ONLINE for convenience