District Committee


District Chairman
Peter Heikes
District Vice-Chairmen
Bill Farber
District Commissioner
Rob Monto
District Director
Stan Murrow
Senior District Executive
Roger Penny
District Webmasters
Sasha Timkovich, Rick Cardenas
Membership Chair
Roundup Chair
Heather Jewell, Lena Wells
Finance Chair
Leadership Dinner Chair
Patron Chair
Community Chair
Family FOS Chair
Michael Turner
Popcorn Chair
Lamiek Martin
Popcorn Vice-Chair
Consuela Randolph
Program Chair
Bill Farber
Training Chair Joe Ernst
Training Vice-Chair OPEN
Camping Chair
Advancement Chair John Loch
Activities Chair Malinda Cobb
Scouting for Food Chair Malinda Cobb
Day Camp Director
Sasha Timkovich
Day Camp Program Director
Webelos-Ree Director Matt Parks
Webelos-Ree Program Director Michael Shaw
Cuboree Director Joe Ernst
Cuboree Program Director  
Camporee Chief
Rob Monto
Camporee Senior Boy Program Chief Open
Camporee Junior Boy Program Chief Open
Klondike Derby Chief Bob Lang
Klondike Derby Vice-Chief Open
O.A. Chaptor Advisor Bruce Smith
Eagle Board of Review Committee
Larry Banks, George Eidam, Ralph Harlan, Jim Heffner, Heather Jewell, John Loch, Russell Long, Rob Monto , Bob Morgan, Linus Whitlock
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioners
Bob Coughlin, Steve Mazur
Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner
Roland Newsome
Roundtable Commissioners
Anne Newsome, Don EakerSusan EakerMicheal Perrot
At-Large Members
Sasha Timkovich


District Webmaster

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding any information on this section of the website, send them to the Hornets Nest District Webmaster.