Scoutreach is a division of Scouting that emphasizes leadership among urban youth.  Scoutreach is a commitment of the Boys Scouts of America and the Mecklenburg County Council that ensures all young people have an opportunity to join the Scouting program, regardless of their circumstances, neighborhood or ethnic background.

Our youth in Mecklenburg County are facing many challenges today such as fragile families and disintegrating neighborhoods.  The moral values of our youth are deteriorating; the youth in Mecklenburg County are at risk, facing gangs, violence, poverty and drug abuse.  Such obstacles can lead to a continuous cycle that will harm the growth of our youth and their ability to create stable homes and become strong leaders.

Scoutreach meets all of the developmental needs for our urban youth by re-directing their energies in a more positive and productive way. Participants of Scoutreach develop a can-do attitude that helps them set and achieve goals and develop self-discipline.

Scouting emphasizes ethics and moral value, addressing many of the social concerns of parents and youth in our county.  Scouting also prepares youth in our community to be leaders, to accept responsibility and to care about causes beyond their own self- interest.

One of the biggest needs in urban neighborhoods is a well-defined program based on values, learning-by- doing, fun and positive role models.  Scoutreach fulfills all these needs.

The Mecklenburg County Council Boy Scouts of America Scoutreach District is currently serving 1,200 youth in our community.  The Scoutreach district is successfully reaching African American and Hispanic/ Latino youth in hard-to-serve neighborhoods by providing well planned activities and camps, as well as assisting with fees, and uniforms.  The Mecklenburg County Council Scoutreach District seeks dedicated people and organizations that are committed to the values that Scoutreach represents. To find out how to participate or contribute to this great mission please contact Dr. Karl Strohminger, Sr. Executive Mecklenburg County Council 704.342.9329

All gifts to Scoutreach are tax deductible.

For information on the Tax ID please contact Dr. Karl Strohminger, Sr. Executive 704.342.9329

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