Program Contacts


Hornet's Nest District (North Charlotte)
Bob Lang,Chairman
Rob Monto, District Commissioner
Stan Murrow, Director  704.342.9335
Roger Penny, Sr. Executive 704.342.9348

Apache District (South & West Charlotte)
Dr. Stuart Tucker, Chairman
Don Herzhauser, District Commissioner
John Crapster, Director  704.342.9324
John Bittinger, Executive 704.342.9336

Etowah District (East Charlotte) 
Chris Shatz, Chairman
Renita Keziah, Commissioner
Jonathan Russell, Director 704.342.9342


Sam Carrara, Vice President

Brian Sweeney, Exploring Executive 704.342.9347

 VP-Special Initiatives
Gavin Albury, Director, 704.342.9331

Wunita District (Special Needs)

Brian Sweeney-Exploring Executive 704.342.9347

Since its inception, the Boy Scouts of America has had fully participating members with disabilities. In fact, Dr. James West, the first Chief Scout Executive, lived with a disability. The Mecklenburg County Council, Boys Scouts of America is very proud of the special initiatives with respect to youth with disabilities. Currently, the Council serves over 2,300 youth living with various exceptional challenges and disabilities.

Waholi  District (Soccer & Scouting)

Pueblo District (Urban Emphasis)

David Lintz


The Pueblo District serves in underserved communities to bring Scouting to these youn men with an urban emphasis. Our main focus is recruitment, advancement, and retention and making sure that every Scout in the district has the same experience as any district in Mecklenburg County Council. We live by the credence: "If it is to be it is up to me!"