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The District Eagle Project Review Committees have been receiving an abundance of Eagle Scout projects to review just prior to the Eagle candidate’s 18th birthday. This situation is causing a significant difficulty for both the candidate and the volunteer committee in reviewing and approving the project to accommodate the 18th birthday deadline. The Council Advancement Committee strongly recommends any projects to be reviewed should be submitted at least six months prior to the candidate’s 18th birthday.

UPDATE 4/14/16

As of May 20, 2014, an updated version of the new Eagle Scout Service Project Handbook no. 512-927 that came out in 2013 is now available. The changes improve upon the functionality and organization of the document, but is not fundamentally different from its predecessor. The new version is still a fillable PDF and is linked to this site. The workbook must be downloaded and completed on forms provided. Additional  sheets may be added as necessary. Scouts who have already downloaded and begun working with the previous version of the workbook must be allowed to continue using it, whether or not the proposal has been approved.


Some reminders to make the project process smoother:

  1. Read the entire Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook
  2. For convenience, a link to the required Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook is available below.
  3. The Eagle Scout project review is conducted in the district on the 2nd Thursday of the month. Please click HERE for additional information for time and location.
  4. Using the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook and submitting the "Project Proposal" for  final approval.
  5. CMS Project Information
  6. BRAND NEW - How to Start the Eagle Project Process -  click here


Some reminders to make the Eagle packet process smoother:

  1. All requirements for the Eagle Scout Rank, including the Scoutmaster's Conference, must be completed by the 18th birthday.
  2. The Eagle Scout application includes six references (five it not employed).  A sealed "Letter of Reference" from each of those references must be included with the Eagle Application. Refer to "Letter of Reference Policy and Guidelines" and "Letter of Reference"for more information.

  3. Blue cards are not required but are helpful in the verification process. 
  4. Eagle Board of Review Process

         APACHE District Eagle project review scheduling contact - apache.advancement@gmail.com

       ETOWAH District Eagle project review scheduling contact - etowah.advancement@gmail.com or visit - http://www.mccscouting.org/Districts/Etowah/EagleServiceProjectReview.aspx

       Hornets Nest District Eagle project review scheduling contact - HornetsNest.Advancement@gmail.com


Beginning now, you will have to download all materials related to procedures for becoming an Eagle Scout. These forms are no longer provided by the National Office.  
You must have Adobe Reader to view the files below.  
Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook; No 512-927 - fillable version (requires Adobe 9.0 or greater!)

Hyperlink to Scouting.org - Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook - download procedures
Eagle Scout Rank Application Page (under Rank Advancement   

CMS Eagle Project Proposal

Steps in Eagle Palm Application:

Three months after a Scout has successfully passed his EBOR, and he has a minimum of five merit badges that were not used on his Eagle application, he is eligible to apply for his Bronze Palm; three months later (using new merit badges), his Gold Palm; three months later (using new merit badges), his Silver Palm, and so forth and so on until the Scout reaches 18 years of age. The steps are as follows:

  1. The five merit badges may be earned at any time but cannot be used on the Eagle application or any previous Palm applications.
  2. The unit leader must review the Scout’s Palm application and verify that the merit badges have not been previously used.
  3. A Board of Review is scheduled with the unit leader and two other committee members. 
  4. After the Scout passes, the unit leader and attending committee member both sign the Palm application and the Advancement Form.
  5. Eagle Palm application (download) and the Advancement form are submitted to the Council Service Center for review.
  6. After verification, the Palm and Palm card are purchased and later presented to the Eagle Scout

Here you can find  NESA Eagle Scout Scholarship information.

If you have any questions, please consult with your Scoutmaster or Eagle Scout Advisor. You may also contact Kris Evans here at our council with any questions.