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Commissioner's Corner
March 2015


Our first of three months for training & sandbox experience for the new Commissioner Tools has expired.  We have two remaining months to “Be Prepared.”  You will be hearing more about this at future Commissioner Meetings and roundtables.  More below.

Service Focus for March – Unit Rechartering and Adult Registration 

Don’t Forget the Commissioners

Many of our units are still in the middle of rechartering or should be preparing their membership inventories and unit leadership inventories in preparation for re-chartering.

Besides all those youth and scouter registrations that our registrars are busy inputting, don’t forget the Commissioners and District Committee members.   I'm sure we have volunteers serving on both of these committees that are not registered as such ... especially those wearing multiple hats. Now is the time to fill those empty slots and/or just get them registered.  This is typically the responsibility of the District Key 3s – but please follow up to ensure all Commissioners are registered as “Commissioners.”


JOURNEY TO EXCELLENCE:  2014 Year-End Results   
Mecklenburg County Council closed the 2014 year as a “GOLD” level council which is the highest level obtainable in the Boy Scouts of America’s national council performance recognition program. Better yet, our council was ranked as the #1 council in the entire Southern Region — that’s one out of 92 total Boy Scout councils! Our Commissioners played a vital role in achieving this well-earned distinction. On behalf of all the youth whose lives are altered, “Thank You!”



JOURNEY TO EXCELLENCE:   January Update   
The January MCC JTE Dashboard is not yet posted (National is a little slow this month).  However, the district dashboards were posted and the results are shown below. 

Please note that the above three metrics are considered the “key” Commissioner Metrics for 2015.  Also note that this is the first month that the new “Unit Performance” score has been used.  This new metric is calculated by taking the total number of units (packs, troops, teams, crews, ships, and posts) that are rated bronze or above using the Unit Assessments and dividing by the total number of units. Since formally logging Unit Assessments will be a new practice for many Commissioners, we expect these scores to slowly climb upward to our gold target.  Fortunately, preparing Unit Assessments will be much easier using the new Commissioner Tools



2015 Camp Cards Coming Your Way

Help Scouts Earn Their Way to Camp!                                            

Council Camp Card Sale will have a Kickoff at the Scout Office on Wednesday, February 25th starting at 6:30pm. A meal will be provided and a representative from your unit should be present to get important information about the sale and to pick up your reserved camp cards.

Last year, Scouts from over one hundred packs, troops and crews sold 45,000 camp cards and earned their way to camp. If your unit wants to sell this year, but have not signed up yet, please send John Crapster ( the camp card registration form that can be found at Here are a couple of important dates to remember. April 1st is camp card redistribution day. Units must turn in any camp cards they are planning on not selling. Cards will then be redistributed to units that have sold their original allotment and want additional camp cards. On May 7th, our camp card sale will end and unit account settlements begin. All cards and money must be turned in to the Scout Office. Our grand prize drawing will be on May 15th. This is an outstanding fundraiser for your unit and Scouts. 



Cub Scout Requirements Finalized                                              

Good news for Cub Scout leaders, especially those who love to plan ahead. You can now get your hands on the revised and final 2015-16 Cub Scout requirements, effective with the 2015-2016 Scouting year.  As with other program updates (including updates to Venturing and Boy Scouting), you can find everything you need to know at the BSA's Indispensable Program Updates page.  For the final Cub Scout requirements, you want the link for "Adventure requirements and insignia" under the "2015 Updates: Cub Scouts" heading.

Handbooks, den leader guides and other affected materials are on schedule to be in Scout Shops no later than May 1, 2015.



60 Days to Go Live!

As you have been hearing for several months, in 2015 BSA will retire the old set of Commissioner Tools and replace them with an internet suite of tools that will provide greater flexibility, ease of use, transparency and overnight updating of data. The new online tools will replace all the tools we currently use today including:

  • UVTS
  • Unit Self Assessments
  • Unit Health Reviews
  • Annual Service Plans

There are no changes to the role of the Commissioner but there will be a greater focus on the Unit Key 3 preparing their Unit Service Plans and the Unit Commissioner preparing Unit Assessments for their assigned units. The Unit Commissioners will have a greater role in ensuring that these planning and assessment tools are successfully used.

Unit “contacts” have replaced “visits.”  Contacts are any meaningful engagement with your unit and its leadership.
In addition, Unit Commissioners will have the flexibility of entering either a “Simple Assessment” or a “Detailed Assessment.”  A baseline “Detailed Assessment” should be prepared at the beginning of the unit’s planning year and perhaps quarterly thereafter.  The “Simple Assessment” can be prepared to log in any monthly or more frequent contacts.  You will learn more about this during your training.


  • February 1, 2015:  Training “Sandbox” available to all MCC Commissioners.   (See more on this topic below).  
  • March 15, 2015:  MCC Training Schedule established
  • May 1, 2015:  New Tools available to all MCC Commissioners
  • June 1, 2015:  UVTS shuts down

General Training on the tools for All Commissioners and Professionals is available via conference call.  To register go to or visit this direct link: Registration

Next Online Training Dates:  (Seat still available as of today)

  • Tuesday, March 17th at 7:30 pm EST

Pre-Recorded Webinars and Videos:
If you’re unable to attend one of the webinars, a number of helpful how-to videos are listed on the start-up page of  These include:

  • Commissioner Tools Webinar - A previously recorded webinar presentation on how to use Commissioner Tools. Certain identifiable information has been obscured.
  • Accessing Commissioner Tools – Demonstrates how to access the tool and provides a brief overview.
  • Unit Assessment Scoring Matrix – Defines the scoring parameters used to complete an assessment.
  • Simple Assessment – Describes what a simple assessment is and demonstrates how to complete one
  • Other Training:
  • Training will also be provided at future District Commissioner meetings and at selected Roundtable meetings. This is not a substitute for the above BSA training.

The Commissioner Tools Task Force has created a set of detailed data for a “dummy” council and made this information available on line for Commissioners to practice with.  The data represents an actual fully populated council but the names have been scrambled to hide any individual information.  You can go into the Sandbox and practice locating units, completing assessments, reviewing reports, etc.

NOTE:  I recommend you hold off accessing the Sandbox until after you have attended one or more of the training events noted above.

You can access the Sandbox using the following URL and login information:
User ID:  cncl2dc5
Password:  Scouting123@

This will lead you to a page that looks just like what you will see using once MCC goes live with the tools on May 1st. The Sandbox assumes you are at Council level so, depending upon your position, you may have greater access to data and reports in the Sandbox than you will have once we go live.  Once we do go live, Unit Commissioners will only see data for their assigned units; District Commissioners will see data for any of the units within their district; and Council Commissioners will have access to data for all districts and units within the council.


My.Scouting functionality is still not supported on iPad tablets. An upgrade is in progress to the base functionality which will allow tools to work on iPads. (For those anxious to use with an iPad, a Photon Flash Player application is available from iTunes that allows my.Scouting Tools to work on the iPad. You must click the “Lightning Bolt” button in the toolbar to enter streaming mode to view Flash content. NOTE: Photon Flash Player is not a BSA supported application.)


As a reminder, please contact John Sequeira ( first for assistance with any Commissioner Tools program related questions. If you experience any system-related issues while in MyScouting Tools, please email the Member Care Contact Center at and log an incident to ensure proper handling and tracking.


“Almost everyone feels afraid when they’re asked to change. It’s what you do with the fear that counts.”

– Nancy Woodhill





John Sequeira
Council Commissioner
Mecklenburg County Council
Boy Scouts of America

Prepared. ForLife.


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