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Commissioner's Corner
January 2015


Happy New Year!

2015 promises to be another great year for Scouting with new Cub and Boy Scout programs coming our way and an entirely new suite of Commissioner Tools to be launched in the first quarter.  Thank you again for your service to Scouting!


2015 College of Commissioner Science:  Saturday, January 24, 2015.  

Start the Year Off Right!

Our next College of Commissioner Science is scheduled for Saturday, January 24, 2015.  Please hold the date.  The College of Commissioner Science is for ALL Commissioners!

  • Council Commissioners & Assistant Council Commissioners
  • District Commissioners & Assistant District Commissioners
  • Roundtable Commissioners & Unit Commissioners

Are you currently serving in a Commissioner role? Are you meeting the expectations of your stewardship and seeing that your Units and Unit Leaders are receiving the full value of Scouting programs? Are you delivering what's expected? Do you know what to deliver?  Are you knowledgeable about how to use the new online Commissioner Tools being rolled out across the country?

Be the First!

The first what you ask?

Be the FIRST to earn the Training Rocker for the Mecklenburg County Council 100th Anniversary patch.

  • By attending the College of Commissioner Science, you will have the opportunity to receive the Training Rocker.  Show your Mecklenburg County Council pride and share with the Units you counsel the importance of being TRAINED TO POSITION.

Be the FIRST to see and learn about the new Commissioner Tools, which will be implemented Council-wide during February. 

  • John McLean will be walking all Commissioners through the process to input unit visits utilizing the new Commissioner Tools web program.  Come see how user-friendly this new tool is.

Be the FIRST to share with your Cub units information about the New Cub Scout Program changes which take effect June 1, 2015, and the New Boy Scout Program changes which take effect January 1, 2016.

  • A review of Chuck Ezell’s (Department Manager Regional Operations, BSA National) presentation on the new program changes will be presented.  If you were unable to attend Chuck’s informational sessions on January 10, you won’t want to miss this topic. 

Registration is now open, but will close at midnight Wednesday, January 21. 

Registration fee is $20, which includes lunch, 2015 commemorative patch, and course materials.  the walk-in registration fee will be $30.

So register now!   Registration link:


Service Focus for January – Unit Rechartering and Adult Registration   
Don’t Forget the Commissioners

Nearly all of our units are either in the middle of rechartering or should be preparing their membership inventories and unit leadership inventories in preparation for re-chartering in the following month or two.  

Besides all those youth and scouter registrations that our registrars are busy inputting, we can't forget the Commissioners and District Committee members.   I'm sure we have volunteers serving on both of these committees that are not registered as such ... especially those wearing multiple hats.   Now is the time to fill those empty slots and/or just get them registered.  This is typically the responsibility of the District Key 3s – but please follow up to ensure all Commissioners are registered as “Commissioners.”

Journey to Excellence:  January Update

The December JTE Dashboard is not yet posted.  Our results for November were outstanding as follows:

  • MCC Council earned “Gold”
  • Apache District earned “Gold”
  • Etowah District earned “Gold”
  • Hornet’s Nest District earned “Silver”

 Kudos to all Commissioners for your support in making it happen.  You can check out the details at your website.  Look for “JTE” under “Council Tools” on the left side toolbar.

2015 is Mecklenburg County Council’s 100th Anniversary

In case you haven’t heard, next year will be our councils 100th birthday.  Yes, scouting has been alive and well in Mecklenburg County for 100 years.  A special 100th Anniversary CSP (Council Shoulder Strip) and a special “Star” pocket patch have been designed and ordered.  They will be available at the Scout Shop beginning in January.  Application forms for the “Star” pocket patch are available now.

2015 Camp Cards Coming Your Way—Help Scouts Earn Their Way to Camp!

Council Camp Card Sale will have a Kickoff at the Scout Office on Wednesday, February 25th starting at 6:30pm. Last year, Scouts from over one hundred packs, troops and crews sold 45,000 camp cards and earned their way to camp. If your unit wants to sell this year, but have not signed up yet, please send John Crapster ( the camp card registration form that can be found at Here are a couple of important dates to remember.   April 1st is camp card redistribution day. Units must turn in any camp cards they are planning on not selling. Cards will then be redistributed to units that have sold their original allotment and want additional camp cards. On May 7th, our camp card sale will end and unit account settlements begin. All cards and money must be turned in to the Scout Office. Our grand prize drawing will be on May 15th. This is an outstanding fundraiser for your unit and Scouts.  

Heads Up Commissioners.  Big Changes Coming to Cub Scouting

A new Cub Scouting program is launching June 1, 2015.  It will be more fun and exciting for boys, and easier to implement for unit leaders. To ensure you are ready to make the transition, a number of webcasts will be hosted on January 17 to outline the coming changes, how to prepare, and when resources will be available.
Cubmaster Webcasts

  • Saturday, January 17, at 8 a.m. (Central), or
  • Saturday, January 17, at 3 p.m. (Central)

Den Leader Webcasts

  • Saturday, January 17, at 9:30 a.m. (Central), or
  • Saturday, January 17, at 4:30 p.m. (Central)

LDS-Specific Considerations*

  • Saturday, January 17, at 11 a.m. (Central), or
  • Saturday, January 17, at 6 p.m. (Central)

* It is recommended that those interested in the LDS session view one of the role-specific sessions first.
Although the content will be geared to the roles listed, anyone with an interest in learning about the new Cub Scouting program is welcome to attend. The sessions will be recorded for later viewing.
It's easy to attend! Just navigate your Internet browser to and you are ready to view the webcast!
As always, for more information on the new Cub Scouting program, please go to
Help spread the word about the webcasts to ensure others are ready for the new Cub Scouting program!


Coming to Mecklenburg County Council in Q1/2015

We will begin rolling out the new Commissioner’s tools in Q1/2015.  It will take approximately 90 days to complete the roll-out process.  These tools will replace every tool we use today including:
  • UVTS
  • Unit Self Assessments
  • Unit Health Reviews
  • Annual Service Plans

The Commissioner functions supported by these tools will remain but the tools used to implement these functions will be on-line in real time. Commissioners will be able to examine the performance of their units with more useful information and transparency than ever before.

General Training on the tools for All Commissioners and Professionals is available via conference call.  To register go to or click on the site below:

Registration Link

Next Online Training Dates

  • 1/12 – Monday, 12 PM CT
  • 1/13 – Tuesday, 8 PM CT
  • 1/20 – Tuesday, 3:30 PM CT



“You are always acting as an example. The only question is whether it is a good one or a bad one.”





John Sequeira
Council Commissioner
Mecklenburg County Council
Boy Scouts of America

Prepared. ForLife.


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