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Commissioner's Corner
June 2015


Summer is Here!


Service Focus for June – Summer Camping Programs        
The Commissioner Service focus for June consists of assisting our units prepare for, and conduct, their summer programs. We all know that summer camp programs are critical to Scout advancement and retention.  If your unit does not have an active summer camp program, please encourage them to establish one.  If they do have one, I strongly encourage you to join your unit for a day or more if at all possible.  It will recharge your batteries and there is no better way to assess how well your unit is performing.  Relax, have fun, and sweat along with everyone else!

Also, if your unit has traditionally gone outside of Mecklenburg County Council’s camps, this is a good year to encourage them to reconsider.  Both Belk Scout Camp and Camp Grimes continue to go through significant upgrades each year.  

Check out our camps at here.


The Commissioners Tools – Update
Our Tools are Now in Orbit                   
On May 1st, Mecklenburg County Council began using the new suite of Commissioner Tools.  The new tools are still a work in progress.  Our National Office IT group continues to implement improvements to the software.  Improvements made this past month include:

  • Historical Commissioner training is now being reflected on rosters and the Commissioner’s profile.  Also the ability to credit historical training using the D10-1 Commissioner Basic Training Course has been added.
  • The Dashboard figures for units and Commissioners have been updated, but the overall score is still not averaging correctly so have patience.
  • The Tools IT team is also working to upgrade the system to support iPad tablets.  This application is now in final testing.  Stand by.


  • When pop-up blocker is enabled, it may not allow you to open a unit assessment or other items.  For a better experience, disable your pop-up blocker in your browser’s settings.
  • If you are trying to reconcile JTE numbers to contacts entered in Commissioner Tools, please remember that JTE is a monthly snapshot while Commissioner Tools is updated in real time.  Also, remember that if you wish to match JTE counts you will need to exclude contacts entered by Professionals (which are shown in Commissioner Tools but not counted in JTE numbers) from the Contact Stats or Commissioner Activity Reports.  
  • Many Commissioners are reporting that system response time is sluggish. (Surprise, surprise.)   National is working on it.  In the meantime it will help if you log on during “lower usage” periods.  System traffic is lightest in the mornings and heaviest in the evenings.  Usage is also lightest over the weekends and heaviest during the weekdays.
  • If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer you are advised to turn off the compatibility mode” setting.  To avoid all  similar problems it is generally best to use one of the following browsers instead:
    o  Google Chrome
    o  Mozilla Firefox
    o  Safari
  • Finally, it definitely helps speed the system up if you clear your cache (browser history) before you starting logging your contacts.  This ensures that you pull down the most current version of Commissioner Tools.

A series of pre-recorded videos are available on a wide range for topics related to Commissioner Tools.  The most recent videos that are being used for training are posted on YouTube.  You may download them to your pc/laptop for future reference or watch them online:
View here.

As a reminder, please contact John Sequeira at first for assistance with any Commissioner Tools program related questions. If you experience any system-related issues while in Commissioner Tools, please email the Member Care Contact Center at and log an incident to ensure proper handling and tracking.



Journey to Excellence: June Update
The district dashboards for JTE are posted on  The results for the three key Commissioner metrics are shown below:

The new “Unit Performance” score was established in January of this year. This score requires that Commissioners complete an assessment (simple or detailed) for each unit. The summary score reflects the percentage of units in the district that are rated “Bronze” or higher.  Since formally preparing formal Unit Assessments is a new practice for many Commissioners, we expect these scores to slowly climb upward to our gold target. Both Etowah and Hornets Nest are showing this trend.  Kudos! 

Each we are going to highlight one of the three key Commissioner metrics on a rotating basis.  This month, let’s look at Unit Retention.

Traditional Unit Retention
Unit Retention is the primary goal of the Commissioner Service.  The reason we visit and assess our assigned units is to ensure that they deliver the Scouting program effectively and in a viable manner. Our visits let us know when we need to intervene to get things back on track. Unit Retention measures the percentage of our units that continue from year to year.     

The level set by National Office for achieving “Gold” on this metric for 2015 is 94%.  As you can see, two of our three traditional districts are already above that level and one is making solid progress in that direction. Kudos to all of you for helping drive these excellent results.


“A different world cannot be built by indifferent people.” 

– Unknown





John Sequeira
Council Commissioner
Mecklenburg County Council
Boy Scouts of America

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