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Belk Scout Camp (map)
This 8 hour course is designed for participants who have completed a full WFA course within the last four years (course completion card will be needed as proof). The course combines a review lecture with hands-on application of material covered in class. Successful completion of this course certifies the student in WFA for a period of two years and meets the requirements for Philmont and other high adventure camps.

Some of the topics covered include:
  1. What is wilderness first aid?
  2. Patient assessment.
  3. Airway management.
  4. Hemorrhage control.
  5. Shock management.
  6. Improvised splinting techniques.
  7. Litter construction and carries.
  8. Scenario based practice sessions.

Notes: Arrive in Class A, we will switch to field uniform for outside training and practice.  Bring a water bottle, backpack packed for a weekend trip, and hiking poles if you have them. You will need to provide lunch and snacks for Saturday. We will be outside for part of this training so dress accordingly..

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